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Wednesday September 23rd 1998

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John England commenting on the Delta 171 project:

We have now posted a follow-up on the offshoot of the Chelmsford site - it also goes into the meaning of the Wireless Telegraphy Act(s). But you might want to lift all or some of it as a follow up on YOUR news end since Europe's representative in London told us that if Sealand is British, and Britain says that it is not (except for the RIS section of the DTI who claim that someone - unnamed - in Britain has jurisdiction), but if Sealand is British then under Europe's regulations the territorial waters of the UK must restart from Sealand - since it would be part of the British coastline.

Therefore, no matter what Delta thinks that it is going to do by plonking its self in the middle of water, Europe says that it will then become the outer limits of Dutch territory, and thus it will mark the beginning of Dutch territorial waters and be inside of them. So they are wasting their time and money on that idea. If on the other hand Europe closes its eyes to Delta (and we won't let them!), then chalk up one more victory for Roy Bates because he will be fast on the way to gaining major international recognition that he has sought for such a long time. Because BIG money seems to be behind Delta, it will be interesting to see how much this big money wants to push the legal point to see what happens next: we can hardly wait for the fireworks to begin!

They (Delta) could put non-European nationals on there, but that won't work, in this case it will be the Dutch licence that will cause them problems - just as the lack of a Dutch licence caused REM different problems - but the effect was just the same: bye bye watery radio (and tv.)


Thursday September 17th 1998

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 Steve Conway reports in  



Dutch legal station to go offshore to escape planning laws

Delta Radio a station licenced by the Dutch Government to broadcast on longwave is to locate it's transmitter in International Waters in order to bypass planning laws and enviromental protests.

Dutch radio expert Herbert Visser writes:

"Funny things are happening around "Delta 171" , the Dutch longwave project (partially) owned by multi-billion-dollar-speculator George Soros.

After the environmentalists stood united against the construction of a site containing 4 300 meter high antenna-towers and a 2 Megawatt transmitter (with an output power of 10 MW ERP !!) in Kootwijk, somewhere in the middle of the Netherlands, the Delta management (managed by lawfirm Clifford Chance... The Delta 171 headquarters have the same address as the Amsterdam office of this international lawfirm, and one of the Clifford Chance lawyers currently is acting president of Delta 171 ) decided to have the masts constructed in the Northsea and beam the signal towards the UK.

However, a number of environmental pressure groups stood up, and started procedures against the construction of (this time) 2 400 meter masts and a 2 MW transmitter, claiming that these masts would kill thousands and thousands of birds, and that a radiation power of 10 MW on longwave, would most probably not be very good for the health of the fish in this area. And yes, the environmentalistic pressure groups can at least delay the construction of these masts for a very long time, according to Dutch law......

So, the lawyers from the Dutch Radio Communications Agency (thus the Dutch Government) came up with an alternative !!!! It has now been decided, to construct this tremendous transmitter site in INTERNATIONAL WATERS !!!! This has already been confirmed by both the Dutch Government AND the Delta 171 organisation .

The reason is, that environmentalistic pressure groups can't start procedures against anything happening outside Dutch jurisdiction area......and thus can't object against the station hitting the airwaves.

Despite the fact that I definitely don't mind another radiostation coming on to the airwaves.... I 'm afraid the environmentalists are right this time..... I would personally not liked to be involved with a radiostation which is killing off tremendous amounts of birds, let alone that I'm quite reluctant to live near a site , where a 10 MEGAWATT signal would be broadcasting from.

I think that by the time that station gets onto the airwaves (which should be in the course of next year ) I'll stop eating fish which was caught in the Northsea.

The Dutch Governmental lawyers and those from Clifford Chance are convinced that broadcasting from international waters would be legal in this case....

I, however, am not sure about this..... the Netherlands will be using its part of the Continental Shelf for something it can't be used for. And the station will definitely operate outside Dutch jurisdiction area. When the Dutch environmental laws are no longer in effect, no Dutch laws will be in effect there, as far as I know.

Which also means that Delta 171 could, without any problem, advertise tobacco-adds, indecent material, whatever....."

Many thanks to Herbert for providing us with this information.


Tuesday September 15th 1998

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Peter Messingfeld reports:

Radio Caroline via EKR on Sundays

Caroline bellRadio Caroline will have regular broadcasts via European Klassic Rock beginning on Sunday September 20th 1998.

The programmes begin at 10.00h BST (11.00h EST) and last until 18.00h BST (19.00h EST). Find the exact times on EKR´s programme schedule.

So watch out for these eight hour broadcasts transmitted via Astra 1C, Transponder 35, 10.994 H, 7.38/7.56 MHz


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Mike Brand  reports from Israel:

More on Arutz 7


Today´s Hebrew daily "Yediot Achronot" writes:

Police confiscate antennas and transmitters from Arutz 7 in Jerusalem

Arutz 7 logoTransmitters and antennas belonging to Arutz 7, the pirate radio station of the right wing settlers were confiscated yesterday in Jerusalem. The raid was carried out by a team of communications ministry together with a special unit of the police. They converged on a roof of a high rise appartment building in the Kiryat - Moshe neighborhood of Jerusalem. The tennants denied all knowledge of the transmitters,apart from one family,who supplied the electricity. The police say that the transmitters were placed there only in the past few days.The police also said yesterday in a staement that raids on Arutz 7's landbased transmitters will continue.


IsraelWire writes in today´s edition:

Police Raid Arutz-7 Offices in Kiryat Moshe (IsraelWire-9/15)

Arutz 7 ship Yesterday, police raided a Jerusalem office of the Arutz-7 Radio station, confiscating antennas and other broadcasting equipment. Neighbors in the Jerusalem neighborhood, where the equipment was confiscated said they were unaware the apartment was being used for Arutz-7 radio broadcasting. Police added that raids of this sort against stations operating illegally in Israel will continue in the future.


Saturday September 12th 1998

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Jim Parkes reports:

More on Chris Cary

Daily Mail September 12th 1998

Fraudster does a flip - By Peter Rose, Chief Crime Correspondent

Millionaire in TV card scam walks out of open prison

A millionaire fraudster is on the run after walking out of an open jail, it was revealed yesterday. Harry Christopher Cary, who masterminded a satellite TV decoder cards racket, was sent to Ford Prison, Sussex, just two weeks after being given a four-year jail sentence in April. The 52-year-old slipped out three weeks ago and has not been seen since. The first prison officers knew of his disappearance was when he failed to answer an evening roll call. Police have put out an all ports alert amid fears that Cary will flee abroad, where it is thought he has money stashed away in secret bank accounts. He was a Sixties cult hero as Radio Caroline DJ Spangles Muldoon, and still drove around in a Rolls Royce bearing the registration THE 60S. He lived in a £3 million mansion in Surrey.

Last night a spokesman for the Prison Service said "We can confirm that Cary was found to be missing from prison on August 11". The police have been informed and are seeking to recapture him. All prisoners are thoroughly vetted before being moved to an open prison, but unfortunately a tiny minority abuse the trust placed in them'. Michael Bennett, chairman of the Metropolitan branch of the Police Federation, said: 'There seems a campaign to prevent punishment of criminals and this is a classic example. 'The people who decided to put Cary in an open prison after just two weeks should be held responsible. It probably cost a small fortune to get him convicted. Now it will probably cost another one to recapture him. 'Cary was jailed for four years at Kingston Crown Court, southwest London, in April after pleading guilty to conspiracy to defraud BSkyB between January 1995 and September 1996. His lucrative scam involved pirates cracking the smart card codes which authorise decoders to unscramble satellite television channels.

Cary, of Weybridge,, Surrey, was said to have cost Rupert Murdoch's Sky TV millions of pounds by selling thousands of cheaper, forged decoder cards. The court heard that Cary's Dublin-based Megatek company was raking in £20,000 a day until he and his accomplices were arrested in June 1996 following an undercover operation launched by police and the Federation Against Copyright Theft. Timothy Langdale QC, prosecuting, said that Cary had moved his operation from Camberly Surrey, to Dublin after two earlier companies operating the scam were closed down by 'perpetual' High Court civil injunctions taken out by Sky. The company had spent more than £30 million bringing out a succession of new smart cards in a bid to beat the pirates. Mr Langdale said Cary and his accomplices had spent years trying to crack the secrets of the Sky cards. Sentencing Cary Judge Richard Haworth told him: 'You were the orchestrator and principal player in a large-scale, sophisticated commercial venture.'


Wednesday September 9th 1998

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Sietse Brower reports:

Radio Caroline from the MV Sittard

Caroline logoDuring the last week of August 1998 Radio Caroline once again added another ship to the list of floating bases from where she once broadcasted. Of course, the Mi Amigo, the Caroline and the Ross Revenge are far out best well known, but the Mebo 2, the Cheetah and the Thekla also once hosted the pirate of pirates. The youngest name on the list is the MV Sittard, in normal life base of the Sea Cadets in home port Harlingen.

After preparations that lasted at least 8 months the marathon broadcast of the local radio station in the Dutch seaport Harlingen, Radio Stad Harlingen [RSH], started on Wednesday August 26th at eight a.m. The beginning of an eighty hours non stop broadcast to celebrate the fishing days, an annual four days event to commemorate the importance Harlingen used to have for the Dutch fishing fleet. Nothing to get excited about if you leave it to that. But there was more. Every night at seven the format of the station changed into Classic Rock and Album Tracks and the name wasn't any longer RSH but Radio Caroline. Radio Caroline, the genuine offshore one from the UK, sent five DJ's and two other staff members to bring the sound of the real Radio Caroline to Holland. And because Radio Caroline is a ship based radio station the choice to build the temporary studio's on a former mine sweeper was very appropriate.

Caroline bellThe radio event was a great success. Many enthusiastic fans that couldn't receive the broadcast in the part of Holland where they live, travelled to Harlingen to witness the unique happening. Radio Caroline sent disk jockeys Johnny Reece, Andy Brooks, Gil Legine, Richard Bismarck and Sietse Brouwer. Caroline broadcasted for three nights, each lasting 13 hours. Every night at seven Andy Brooks kicked off by playing the famous Fortunes' Caroline. At ten "His master" Johnny Reece took over until one when Gil Legine was due. The choice of music was very divers, but Gils' favourites gave him the nick name "takkeherrie" which means something like terrible noise. Listeners could get human again by listening to Richard Bismarck. He lead all those just awake into yet another day. Several listeners told the RSH staff afterwards that it was a good and familiar feeling to listen to Caroline when waking up and driving to work. It should not be an exception.

The atmosphere on board was very good. During the day when the Caroline crew was asleep RSH made their programs with a lot of local news and Middle of the Road music. During the afternoon when everybody started to wake up it could easily happen that two Caroline jocks were interviewed by a RSH reporter and were given a chance to advertise their own shows later that day and to get people to visit the ship and of course the Caroline shop. Martin, one of the Caroline Sales staff, brought a great variety of Caroline merchandise that was for sale during the broadcast. In the mean while the other Caroline staff member Chris Cheek started exploring the galley. He, being the cook on the Ross Revenge, made himself immortal by preparing his "eggy bread" for the crew on times when no one expected it. Like three a.m. for instance.

Caroline bellThe programs were visited by numerous people coming from all over Holland. Many of them travelled far to see and hear it. RSH, broadcasting on 106.2 FM and 94.1 cable, covers only a limited area. During the fishing days RSH was also on a television channel, unfortunately only with sound. For those who missed out on the event tapes are available and there will be excerpts on the Caroline Now page on the internet. For information about tapes [and any other reaction] write to RSH, Sietse Brouwer, PO Box 225, 8860 AE Harlingen.

During Friday night it was real crowded in the small studio. It was Carolines' last night and everyone wanted to be there as long as they could keep their eyes open. Which was in some cases not very long, for the two previous nights with little, close to no sleep caught up with everyone. Reecey, during normal Caroline broadcasts often program controller, couldn't help himself taking over for a minute and scheduling Sietse Brouwer in for two hours on Friday night. So in the end all Caroline DJ's present did at least one show. Sietse could be heard between 3 and 5 p.m. every day, but that was for RSH in Dutch. Finally it became 7 a.m. and Bismarck entered his final hour. Just before eight, all very tired, worn out but satisfied all present witnessed Bismarck playing the Fortunes and saying good-bye to the listeners.

When you walk trough Harlingen harbour today, you will notice that RSH is back to its normal programming. You will also find the MV Sittard no longer being the illuminated radio ship but just an old mine sweeper. If you also realise that Caroline is back in the UK, it almost seems as nothing has happened. Luckily we know better than that !!

Caroline logo


Sunday August 30th 1998

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Martin van der Ven commenting:

The Summer Sounds of 1998

In the seventies and eighties, I used to spend my summer vacation at the Dutch, the Danish or the French coast. Living in the northwestern part of Germany, I always suffered from quite a bad reception of the offshore stations on the medium wave band. Therefore I always looked forward to the holiday period being able to listen to a clear signal at the coast.

This year, my family and me travelled to the Brittany coast in France. As always I took my Grundig Satellit 500 radio receiver with me. Preparing our journey at home, I had been enjoying nostalgic sounds on 675 kHz (Radio 10 Gold), when Hans Knot and Jelle Boonstra were remembering 40 years of offshore radio in Europe on the MS Fortuna. That was superb and far more than an appetizer for my vacation...

Big L logoThen in France, I was pleased to receive a clear signal on 15200 kHz every Wednesday evening, when Radio Caroline broadcasts via Merlin Network One. On August 14th/15th I tried out all those different Radio Festival frequencies Eric Wiltsher had e-mailed before our journey. It was “amazing”. Excellent reception on nearly all shortwave bands, superb programmes... Radio London by an ego-tripping Ray Anderson who did nevertheless a marvellous job. “Grand old men” Ronan O`Rahilly and Johnny Walker remembering the swinging watery wireless days on medium wave in an excellent programme. Graham Hall, Richard Bismark and Johnny Reece with the incomparable Caroline music and jingles. And not to forget today´s better private radio stations Virgin Radio, European Klassic Rock, The Rock Radio Network, Medway FM and MNO with ex-offshore DJs Bob Mower, Nigel Roberts, Bob Le Roi, Keith Lewis and Christopher England plus “mega anorak” Eric Wiltsher. It was great fun for us all barbecueing in the garden of our vacation home when the radio played all those sounds on short wave.

Caroline logoAnd then on Wednesday evening August 26th, I didn´t trust my ears: Radio Caroline on MNO was presented by Peter Moore and Christopher England, who joined together on the regular Wednesday evening slot (Johny Reece had travelled to the Netherlands to present Caroline programmes from the HMS Sittard on Radio Stad Harlingen). Remember these two men had been intimate enemies some years ago, when Chris England made sarkastic comments on his Euronet programmes (“The Alcoholic”). Now they both presented a very relaxed programme, chatted about the good old Caroline days and played excellent music. Well done, I enjoyed all your shows. Let´s hope there´s more to come.


Saturday August 29th 1998

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Mike Brand  reports from Israel:

More on the new offshore station - beginning next week?


In the weekend Haaretz newspaper magazine, there was a 3 page article about the upcoming left wing offshore radio station Radio Gal. Here are the main facts from the article. The brains behind the station are Baruch Ben David (founder of the former landbased station Radio Gal), Knesset members Dedi Zucker (from the left wing Meretz party), and Haim Ramon from the Labour party, the T.V./radio personality Yaron London, and a university professor by the name of Nisim Kalderon. The musical director will be a famous Israeli singer by the name of Danny Robus.

The station is supposed to start "within the next few days" anchored off the coast of Tel-Aviv, quite near to where Arutz 7 is anchored. The frequency will be the same as Radio Gal used the last time they were on the air - 98.1 mhz FM. At first the power will be 1 KW, but within a few weeks it is expected to go up to 5KW which, the paper states is expected to cover most of Israel. Broadcasts will be 24 hours a day, and will consist of 75 % music, and 25 % talk .

The musical director, Danny Robus states that the format will be a mixture of "Middle-Eastern, Israeli, and foreign music" - as he puts it "From Eyal Golan and Arik Einstein (wo famous Israeli singers) to Oasis and the Rolling Stones". The ship is currently in the port of Ashdod, and is the same ship as he allegedly broadcast Radio Gal from before (although I never saw the ship anchored off the coast, he may have broadcast from the ship whilst it was in the harbor).

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Tom Collins reports:

The following notice has been posted on the TTS-Mediapro tribute to Radio London web site: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Following notice that some of the material given to us for inclusion on this tribute web site are the subject of disputed ownership/copyright, legal advice is that we should remove all disputed material until the issue of copyright/ownership is resolved. Unfortunately we have no way of knowing for sure exactly what material is in dispute. Therefore, with great regret, and to ensure that we do not breach any laws, we have decided to close the site. This site was not a commercial operation, it was established and run by off-shore radio enthusiasts for the entertainment of like-minded people. We would like to thank the approximately 15,000 people who have hit the site since it first opened in June 1997. Best wishes to all off-shore radio enthusiasts.


Paul John Lilburne-Byford comments:

Today (Saturday), tts-mediapro pulled the plug on Ray Anderson and his fraudulent operations, and you can read the details on their site, or on my own update (the 3rd edition) with additional information about the Merlin broadcasts, and you can find all of this here:


Wednesday August 26th 1998

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Andrew Yoder reports in Pirate Pages 221:

Pirate Ship Electra Project Scuttled


PIRATE SHIP ELECTRA PROJECT SCUTTLED! [Another radio ship project has failed].

NASWA member Doug Robertson of Oxnard, CA sent a copy of a notice of a U.S. Marshal's sale in the U.S. District Court for the So. District of Georgia (Savannah Division) of the "Offshore Radio Broadcast Station Tug 'Electra,'" an "all welded steel, model bow, capstan towboat fitted with a complete radio broadcast station, including radio tower." For additional info or an appointment for inspection, contact H. David Scott, Southeastern Marine Surveying Co., 912-233-4157, FAX 912-238-0821. It was to be sold to the highest bidder on July 15 at 10:00 a.m. by the U.S. Marshal. [I called the SE Marine Surveying Company and they said it sold for around $35,000 at auction. Chris Lobdell.]

The ship ran into another boat on the way down, and there were some lawsuits involved. Also, the preacher that was financing it ran out of money. Neither Scott nor Allan [Weiner] was on the ship when any of that happened, nor did they have any involvement with the problems that caused the Feds to come. Allan has been working on his land-based stn, and Scott was down in the Caribbean until a month or so ago. They both got paid by the preacher for all the work they did, so, other than the fact that the ship they worked so hard on won't be on the air, they both made out okay on the deal. [Thanks to Anita McCormick & Doug Robertson for info!]

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Mike Brand  reports from Israel:

More on Arutz 7


IsraelWire writes in today´s edition:

Police Report Progress in Indictments Against Arutz-7 Management (IsraelWire-8/26)

Arutz 7 logoStaff members of the State Prosecutor's Office reiterated that indictments against senior management of the Arutz-7 Radio Station can be expected soon. Indictments allege the station broadcasted illegally inside Israel, and not from outside territorial waters as maintained by station management. As the police move ahead with the state attorney general-ordered investigation, the government continues to formulate legislation that would legalize the increasingly popular station, which is aligned with the right-wing and the residents of communities throughout Judea, Samaria and Gaza. Many supporters of the station, which represents a cross-section of Israeli society, insist the investigation is a left-wing witch hunt and point out that the ship "Voice of Peace", a left-wing station that was operated for years by Abie Nathan, was never targeted by police or the attorney general. Supporters of Arutz-7 indicate that the left-wing has been working for years to stifle a legitimate voice, which represents the voice of more Israelis every year it is on the air. Arutz-7 has been on the air for over 10 years.


Wednesday August 24th 1998

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Radio Caroline reports:



Caroline bellThe recent global broadcast made by Caroline produced enthusiastic response from around the world, with listeners calling in or mailing from Siberia, Tanzania, North America, Canada and Australia as well as from nearer locations around Europe. The coup of the event was to persuade Johnnie Walker and founder Ronan O'Rahilly to co-host the programme on the evening of Friday 14th going up to and beyond the midnight deadline when, thirty one years ago Caroline refused to be beaten by new legislation. Caroline’s present boss Peter Moore explained : "August 14th is a significant date for Caroline enthusiasts." He said. "Each year we are expected to commemorate it in a major way. There have been times when no celebration has been possible, particularly when our circumstances have been very difficult as in the earlier part of this decade. To be able to broadcast all around the world with a huge amount of radiated power and to have both Johnnie Walker our most famous DJ and Ronan our founder together on air was most satisfying for me. My only problem is how to follow this up next year". Ronan, who rarely speaks publicly, was unusually vocal on the subject of his memories and of the station’s future. A mix of old and new songs were played, Walker being in a particularly relaxed mood, reminiscing with his old boss about life during his Caroline days. The most important song ‘All you need is love’ by the Beatles, was saved until last to close the broadcast, as it was played on that crucial night 31 years ago. However, someone had omitted to bring the song to the studio. A request was placed over the air and within the hour the disc was delivered to Merlin’s studios in London. Faxes and phone calls poured in from around the globe and many of these were read out on air. Generally, reception on most frequencies was excellent and it was an uncanny feeling hearing a broadcast that for millions listening around the globe, perhaps for the first time, was an authentic taste of what Radio Caroline sounded like all those years ago. Merlin Network One the new global air time broker provided the broadcast facilities at no charge, but three sponsors kindly pledged cash which will be shared between Caroline and Merlin, creating the start of a budget to buy more international air time. Our thanks therefore go to.

A.C. LIGHTING distributors and stockists of high quality stage and exhibition lighting and associated equipment.

DYNAMITE a new high energy drink now being sold and franchised around the UK.

POLTI PRODUCTS manufacturers of home appliances such as domestic steam cleaners for cleaning and sterilising kitchen, bathroom and other surfaces.


Caroline bellCarolines Dutch agent Sietse Brouwer has invited Caroline DJ's Johnnie Reece, Andy Brooks, James Barclay, Gil Legine and Richard Bismark to present guest Caroline programmes starting on the evening of the above date. The broadcasts originate from Harlingen a coastal port in the north of Holland. The local radio station Radio Stad Harlingen is changing its programmes for four days to become part of a yearly festival that commemorates the towns history as a major fishing port. The frequency will be 106.2 FM and via Dutch cable on 94.1. Each evening at 7.00pm Dutch time Radio Stad becomes Radio Caroline, through the night until 8.00am, this happens on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Some day time programmes may also appear. The radio studios are on board the restored Dutch navy minesweeper HMS Sittard. There will be an all day Radio Caroline shop on board where memorabiia can be purchased, with the income again going to buy future air time. The Radio Caroline Newsline a fund raising news service on 0839 669990 has pledged to match all profit from the Dutch event, to double the broadcast fund. This line is only accessible from within the UK. Sieste Brouwer warns that accomodation may not be easy to obtain in the area. He offers also very attractive advertising rates on the station. Call 0031 517 415 120 for more information. The presence of a genuine Radio Caroline broadcast from within the Netherlands is most useful since another group, having no tangible connection with the station have made various cable broadcasts around the country using the Caroline call sign.

Reece & Moore On Air.

The Wednesday evening sampler of Caroline output on Astra channel 50 and also on 15200 Khz SW which happens each Wed evening from 18.00 to 20.00 UK time is now presented by Johnnie Reece and Caroline boss Peter Moore. Reece steers the music while Moore discusses past and future Caroline policy. Since the two men are rarely in agreement with each other it makes for some interesting conflicts. You can e-mail us here with questions or comments for inclusion in the programmes.


Caroline logoOn Caroline’s own ship Ross Revenge, the hull will be repainted over the next two weeks to prepare the ship for winter. A team of painters are travelling down from the North of the UK. Anyone wishing to assist can call from within the UK on: 01132.361069 asking for our second engineer Peter Clayton. The best time to call is late afternoon on a weekday. The ship ALWAYS needs ZINC PHOSPHATE PRIMER. WHITE UNDERCOAT. WHITE GLOSS PAINT. RED UNDERCOAT. SIGNAL RED GLOSS. Any of the above will be useful. Large batches will be collected by our staff. Small amounts can be left with our boatman Andre Hardy at: 70 Dumergue Road, Queenborough, Isle Of Sheppey, Kent. Andre will also for a small fee transport visitors to and from the radio ship. Cut Price T-Shirts To Create Broadcast Funds.

The recent global air time was provided free by Merlin Network One. They also provide our regular Wednesday evening programmes on ASTRA Channel 50 and 1520OKhz short wave. Eventually and understandably they will require a transmission fee. We hope to obtain paid sponsorship for this special event. Some of the income will be given to Merlin and some retained for future broadcasts.To maintain these programmes therefore, funding is needed..

The latest Caroline ' Last Outlaw ' T-shirts have been marked down to the keen price of £13.00 for two carriage paid. These grey shirts have a five ship graphic on the back print and a pertinent slogan on the front. You can choose medium, large or extra large in any combination and can have more shirts pro rata if you wish i.e £6.50 for each additional shirt. Simply mail your cheque and order to:

Caroline Sales, 148 Grange Road, Ramsgate, Kent.

From outside the UK contact the above address for carriage cost details. All income from the above sales will be held entirely to fund air time on Merlin. Further for each pound produced, the Caroline News Line on (44) 0839 669990 will match it pound for pound, doubling the broadcast fund. We hope that our supporters will respond to this offer/appeal and thus maintain our pan European broadcast presence. This information is provided by CAROLINE NEWSBEAT, the news agency of the Radio Caroline Support Group. Contact the station via Internet: or post at

426 Archway Road, London N6 4JH England.

A special T-shirt commemorating the June/July 1503 broadcast is still available.

Visit the Ross Revenge

The ship can be viewed from Queenborough a small town on the Isle Of Sheppey in Kent. Visitors can be taken to and from the ship during the months and enjoy a full guided tour. To arrange a tour telephone Andre Hardy on 01795.669080. Advertising on this event can be arranged by calling 01795. 660273. To make advertising universally affordable the costs start at £2.00 per 30 second ad, or less off peak. We wish you all good listening. Enjoy your radio station!


Sunday August 23rd 1998

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Mike Brand  reports from Israel:

More on Arutz 7


IsraelWire writes in today´s edition:

Indictment Expected in Arutz-7 Investigation (IsraelWire-8/23)

Arutz 7 frequenciesA draft of the criminal indictment that will be handed down in the ongoing Arutz-7 investigation, is being prepared by the Justice Ministry, according to an unnamed senior official quoted in a Yediot Achronot newspaper report. According to the report appearing in today's newspaper, criminal indictments are being prepared against senior management officials of the radio station. The senior source close to the investigation stated the indictments will be officially handed down as soon as next week. Arutz-7 reported this evening that the Supreme Court is scheduled to hear two petitions tomorrow morning concerning Arutz-7. MK Eitan Kabel (Labor) is demanding that the State Attorney's Office and the police close down Arutz-7, while the other suit, brought by Arutz-7, demands that the Court order the State Attorney's Office not to take any such action against the station. Scheduled to hear the suits are Justices Beinish, Dorner, and Matza. The State Attorney's Office itself has announced that it will request that both petitions be rejected, and that it be allowed to act on this case as it sees fit.


Taken from today´s Arutz 7's daily e-mail news service:


Arutz 7 shipThe Supreme Court is scheduled to hear two petitions tomorrow morning concerning Arutz-7. MK Eitan Kabel (Labor) is demanding that the State Attorney's Office and the police close down Arutz-7, while the other suit, brought by Arutz-7, demands that the Court order the State Attorney's Office not to take any such action against the station. Scheduled to hear the suits are Justices Beinish, Dorner, and Matza. The State Attorney's Office itself has announced that it will request that both petitions be rejected, and that it be allowed to act on this case as it sees fit.


Friday August 21st 1998

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Mike Brand  reports from Israel:

More on the new offshore station


Remember Radio Gal ? Well it seems that the owner - Baruch Ben - David seems to be connected with the new left-wing offshore station that is in the planning. The below was taken from today´s newspaper "Ha´aretz":

Left-wing radio station wants 'equal treatment' from court

By Orly Bar-Kima, Ha'aretz Correspondent

"Radio Gal," a left-wing radio station that is being formed, has asked the High Court of Justice to permit it to continue broadcasting until its petition before the court is heard, as was done with the settlers' pirate radio station, Arutz Sheva. Last May, the High Court issued an injunction that effectively granted Arutz Sheva immunity from being closed down until a decision is handed down in its case. The police and the Communications Ministry closed down Radio Gal because it did not have a license. The station went to court to protest the decision, and yesterday submitted an amended version of the petition citing "new facts." Named in the petition are the minister of communications, Arutz Sheva, the Israel Police and others. The new petition notes that a ministerial committee, which was formed to draft legislation for the operation of new radio stations "that will give expression to the cultural diversity of Israeli society and to the different view that prevail among the public," has decided to amend the law to enable private national radio stations to be established. At least three such countrywide stations are to be established: Arutz Sheva, a channel for the Sephardi ultra-Orthodox party Shas and a channel earmarked for the political left. The station also says that although it has no political affiliation, it has reached an agreement with parties that are identified with the center and the left. Radio Gal has asked the court to ensure that identical criteria, void of political considerations, are applied in granting licenses to operate radio stations.

© copyright 1998 Ha'aretz. All Rights Reserved


Thursday August 20th 1998

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 Steve Conway reports in  



Merlin Network One poised to start this October

Merlin Network One is set to broadcast around the world full time in the fairly near future, following the tremendous success of it's recent two-day "Radio Festival" on August 14/15. The station, which will transmit the programmes of a range of providers including Virgin, Caroline, Rock Radio Network, Radio London and others, will be on the air full-time by the end of October, although it's possible that there will be a "soft launch" with programmes being transmitted worldwide earlier than then.

MNO's Eric Wiltsher, speaking to Newstide yesterday, said: "We've had so much interest in the Merlin network from potential programme providers since the broadcast - it's really looking very good. We expected some response after the festival, but were literally blown away by the sheer volume of interest" Eric tells us that other "exciting and well known" broadcasters are currently negociating with MNO for a slot on the network, but until deals have been signed we cannot discuss their identies.


Monday August 17th 1998

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Hans Knot reports:

Chris Carey escaped from prison

Chris Carey, former Caroline and RNI-deejay Spangles Muldoon, escaped from prison on Tuesday and according to a report in the Mirror newspaper, UK police are searching for him. He had been serving a four year sentence for piracy of BSkyB. The escape came ten days after a court in the UK dismissed an appeal for the sentence to be quashed. After having pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to defraud BskyB in February, Carey was jailed for four years. No doubt the news of the escape will upset those in BSkyB and News Datacom who had considered that the piracy of their system was stopped.

The prison that Carey escaped from was a low security "open prison". Most of the inmates are white collar criminals and inmates were trusted not to abscond. Carey apparently took a break from his job in the stores telling warders that he was going to take a visit. He then went to the prison farm with a potted plant apparently to get some compost for it. A white Peugeot car pulled up and Carey ran to it and got in. The car left at high speed. Police were expecting Carey to make his way to Spain. They are apparently watching the airports and seaports in the hope that they will catch him. According to the Mirror Newspaper, most of Carey's UK assets belived to be worth in the region of u2.5 Million have been liquidated and sent abroad.

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Steve Conway reports in  



Caroline: "This is the future" - O`Rahilly

Radio Caroline founder Ronan O'Rahilly has firmly backed the stations plans to broadcast worldwide via the Merlin Network One service, telling listeners that "This is the future". O'Rahilly was being interviewed by Radio Caroline's much loved Johnny Walker, who was presenting one of a number of Caroline programmes on a two-day radio festival broadcast worldwide by MNO. Ronan's appearence and comments on the broadcast are far more significant than they would at first seem - during the 34 year history of the station he has almost never appeared on air, and since the last offshore broadcast was made in November 1990 he has not publically commented on what he sees as the future direction of the station.

O'Rahilly's comments are a welcome boost for Caroline Station Manager Peter Moore, who has held the orginisation together through some very turbulent years in the 1990s when it could easily have collapsed. Moore and his Caroline Support Group managed to rescue the Caroline ship, Ross Revenge from a massive salvage bill, and have preserved and restored it, while using it as a base for RSL and other broadcasts. Moore himself is very pleased with the opportunities offered by the Merlin broadcasts, which could restore Caroline to the status of a regular broadcasting station once more: "When the ship came in from International waters in 1991 we were afraid that Caroline had been boxed into a corner and had no way out - and I'm sure this is what the authorities desired. Now we are finding ourselves with more oportunities to broadcast in different ways, reaching a wider audience over a much bigger area then we could ever have dreamed of before. Seven years after Radio Caroline was supposedly killed off it is still very much alive, still reaching it's audience, and still managing to exist outside the big-business radio system."

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Mike Brand  reports from Israel:

More on Arutz 7


Taken from today´s Arutz 7's daily e-mail news service:

The ministerial committee entrusted with the task of arranging for the proper licensing of Arutz-7 convened again yesterday. It decided to prepare a legislative amendment to the Second Radio and Television Authority Law that will enable the establishment of additional nation-wide radio stations. The stations will be determined by public tender, and will operate with a minimum of public supervision.


Sunday August 16th 1998

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Andy Brooks reports:

Caroline logoYou can now visit where you will find a wide range of Radio Caroline programme recordings now available exclusively for purchase. Included are the programmes broadcast on the 14th/15th August as part of Merlin Network One's World Radio Festival transmiited on the Astra satellite and numerous radio frequencies world wide, the highlight of which features a Johhny Walker programme containing an interview with the founder of Radio Caroline, Ronan O' Rahilly. For your convenience there is a quick and easy to use on-line ordering process.

So visit for this once in a lifetime opportunity to own Radio Caroline programmes that you will enjoy listening to over and over again. You can also hear the whole final programme from the 1503KHz broadcast on 11 July in top quality G2 real audio. This will be followed by programmes from the event at Radio Stad Harlingen in September. For more information on this event see


Thursday August 13th 1998

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Hans Knot reports:

Radiodag 1999

De jaarlijkse radiodag, zoals georganiseerd door het Freewave Media Magazine en de Stichting Media Communicatie zal op zaterdag 20 maart 1999 plaatsvinden in De Beiaard/voorheen Stadscafe aan de Zijlstraat 56 hoek Gedempte Oude Gracht in Haarlem. Zaal open half 11. Zet het alvast in je agenda.

The yearly radioday organised by Dutch Media Magazine Freewave and the Foundation for Mediacommunication will be held on Saturday March 20th 1999 in The Oude Beiaard, formerly known as the Stadscafe, Zijlstraat 56, corner Gedempte Oude Gracht. Open at 10.30 h. Of course a lot of videos will be shown, guests from the radioworld will be interviewed as well as several organisations will sell their merchandising. Make sure to note it already in your agenda please!


Wednesday August 12th 1998

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Mike Brand  reports from Israel:

New offshore radio station to come?


IsraelWire writes in today´s edition:

Coming Soon: Left-Wing Radio Ship (IsraelWire-8/12)

In the upcoming weeks broadcasts will begin from a ship which is intended to be the left-wing answer to the Arutz-7 broadcasts, reported Channel Two News yesterday. The idea for the new radio station is credited to MK's Chaim Ramon and Dedi Zucker. Yaron London is slated to plan programming. The station will be broadcasting at sea from the boat owned by Baruch Ben-David, which has been used in the past for the pirate radio station Wave Radio, which broadcast mostly oriental music.

Yesterday a meeting was held in MK Ramon's office, which included Dr. Nissim Kaldaron, weather-forecaster Shmuel Hasafri, and Ilana Michaeli, as representatives of immigrants from the former Soviet Union. The new radio station hopes to broadcast in Russian as well, to appeal to new immigrants. Yaron London explained that the decision to start a left-wing radio station came "because we are sick of a group of extremists taking over the radio waves, exhorting their ideologies. We are sick of being the left-wing wimps". Attorney General Dr. Elyakim Rubinstein responded that the State is empowered to uphold the law and to take action against illegal radio stations. Rubinstein reveled that in recent months police have raided some 30 pirate radio stations.


Taken from today´s Arutz 7's daily e-mail news service:


MK's Haim Ramon (Labor) and Dedi Tzucker (Meretz) are joining forces to establish Gal Radio, a left-wing response to Arutz-7. The founders of Gal Radio say that the goal of the new station is to provide an alternative to the music, news and views of Arutz-7, which currently has the fourth largest radio audience in Israel. According to Yaron London, the station will broadcast to a ship located off the coast of Ashdod, and will mostly broadcast Russian and Mideastern music.

Arutz-7 commentator Adir Zik said in response that the return of a ship-based station with a left-wing message will be a welcome neighbor. Zik noted that Arutz-7's legal status was never questioned by the State Attorney's office until Abie Nathan voluntarily closed down his sea-based Voice of Peace station. "We'll be happy to lend them sugar, salt, and even Mideastern music. But who are they going to play the Mideastern music for - the same Sephardic public whom they haven't succeeded in educating for 50 years?" In another development, Police raided Arutz-7's recording studios in Ramat Gan today.


More on Arutz 7


IsraelWire writes in today´s edition:

Police Raid Arutz-7 Office (IsraelWire-8/12)

Arutz 7 logoOnce again, police raided the Ramat Gan offices of the Arutz-7 Radio Station. Israel's Reshet Bet Radio reported the raid was a continuation of the police investigation into the station's illegal transmissions. As the government works to "legalize" Arutz-7, its operators explain they are not in violation of the law, since they broadcast from outside Israeli territorial waters. No details of today's raid were available at the time of this article.


Monday August 10th 1998

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Hans Knot reports:

Nostalgic sounds on Radio 10 Gold

After a long week of getting up early it's for me a pleasure to rest untill the afternoon on saturdays, get up, have a breakfast and take time till late in the afternoon for reading the newspapers. This was however impossible on Saturday August 8th. When I left home it was before six in the morning and the newspapers where not there yet. But, as it later seemed, it became one of the nicest days in my now 29 years of writing on the subject radio. Isn't so that I visited during the late sixties and early seventies the offshore radioships and their landbased studio's for more than 50 times: RNI (where I did some work behind the scenes as well doing the production of their own double LP), Radio Veronica, Radio Caroline, Radio Atlantis and Mi Amigo. Each trip had their own happy or unhappy remembering.

August 8th 1998 however was a day complete of remenising to the good old days. Under the name 'Terug naar zee' (Back to sea) Radio 10 Gold celebrated the fact that this station was 10 years old. Of course the roots of some of the Radio10 Gold boys are with the offshore station. Programmedirector Tom Mulder is known as Klaas Vaak on Veronica and Peter Holland worked for Radio Noordzee in the seventies. And be honest, Tom Mulder is a first class radioman and superradiofan, however he would denie this himself. On a lyric way he can tell how he listened and loved Radio London and how, while driving to the studios of Veronica in the late sixties he listened to Tony Blackburn on Radio One, heard his jokes and rewrote them into Dutch to record them into his programma later that day for Veronica.

Arriving at 9.30 in the morning in Scheveningen second innerside harbour (Yes Howard you were there too several times) we find a few old tenders like the Trip tender (Offshore one in old days) and the Eurotrip as well as our radioship for one day, the MV Fortuna. A studio was built in the shipshold and several old crewmembers and deejays of Veronica and RNI joined us for a day of old memories. From 10 in the morning till 3 in the afternoon Radio10 Gold was on the air from this ship with of course also a lot of old recordings from my archive. We sailed along the beaches from Scheveningen up till IJmuiden and back, together with some speedboats with lovely girls who would bring out 100.000 of streetballs to the people on the beaches. The nicest celebration gift for Radio10 was the most beautiful warm Saturday of 1998. In the programmes were also several telephone interviews with several former offshore jocks including Robbie Dale who still talks the Dutch language very good. Robbie nowadays is owner of an appartmentblock on the Gran Canaria. He talked with lots of joy of the good old days when he was the Admiral Robbie Dale. On the ship people like Hans ten Hooge, Chiel Montagne, Ruud Doets, Eric Beekman (Bart van Gogh as he's now called and Nowadays codirector of Top Format jingles in Haarlem) Gerrit de Ruiter (supply company for Veronica) Juul Geleick and Ad Bouman of Veronica as well as the old Veronicadirector Bull Verwey.

Joining us were a lot of journalists from radio and television and Verwey was interviewed alsmost during the whole eight hours trip we made. The NOB, a part of the NOS was responsible for the relay of the signal, using an airplane above the ship. About 60 people in total were on the Fortuna and due to the very good weather above deck during the trip. We were served very good with excellent food and drinks as well with special tshirst for this back to sea trip. While coming back in the harbour around 18 hrs. lots of people were waiting to see us again as well as the anoraks who where there in the morning to see a glimpse of their stars from earlier days. After the trip we dined in an excellent fishrestaurant with some 15 of the quest and Tom Mulder told us that he joined the day (as we did) and we would do it over again in 40 years. Only one problem there is that I will be then as old as Bull Verwey in now: 88 years.


News Archive:

July 10th till August 7th 1998


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