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Most offshore radio fans will know that RNI has returned as an RSL station in August 1999. From August 3rd till August 30th 1999, the station broadcast from the LV-18 (the former Trinity House lightship No. 18) which was nicknamed the "Mebo III". The ship had been towed to a postion off Holland-on-Sea. The broadcasts were taking place on mediumwave 190 metres (1575 kHz). 

Some former offshore jocks and technicians participated in the venture (Paul Graham, Paul MacLaren, Alan West, Norman Barrington, Dick Palmer, Dennis Jason, Bob Noakes, Kevin Turner, Bob LeRoi, Ray Anderson, Dave Rodgers, Dave West and Phil Mitchell). Together with Graham Vine, Chris Baird, Clive Boutell, Mike Read and Colin Lamb they were reliving the year 1970.

The RSL station remembered the music and the jingles that RNI played in the summer of 1970. 


Read John S. Platt's exclusive reports on the RNI-in-1999 venture and admire his beautiful pictures:


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