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Bert Hendriks schrijft:
Vanmiddag vrijdag 19 december 2003, is onder enorme belangstelling de MV Communicator vertrokken naar Engeland om klaar te worden gemaakt voor de toekomst. De sleepboot JWR APOLLO heeft om 15.30 uur samen met "The old Girl" vanuit IJmuiden het ruime sop gekozen. Namens de organisatie in Engeland danken wij iedereen die geholpen heeft om dit mogelijk te maken.
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Press Release Friday 19th December 2003

Famous Pirate Comes Home For Xmas.

The Super Station, a brand new ethical radio group, are thrilled to announce the return to the UK of the historical pirate radio ship, MV Communicator. The ship is due to arrive in Lowestoft on 20th December 2003 at lunchtime.

The Super Station say the ship is to play a crucial part in their plans to create a new genre of radio station in 2004.

The MV Communicator has an incredible past as a radio ship. Between 1984 and 1987, Laser 558 and Laser Hot Hits broadcast to the UK and Europe, peaking with an audience of 10 million. Since 1987 the ship has changed hands many times. The Super Station acquired the ship in 2002 from Clear Channel.

The Company has worked tirelessly since to carry out the essential repairs and prepare her for the journey across the North Sea back home. The Super Station will continue the restoration work back in the UK to ensure that the work is carried out to the highest standards. Lowestoft and the MV Communicator share a joint past, it's a perfect homecoming.

The Super Station's, Managing Director, Dave Miller is jubilant that phase one of the project is complete and the ship is home where she belongs: " I am passionate about the Communicator and about my vision for radio in the 21st century. I can't reveal any more details about the project at this stage, but can say that what we want to do with the ship is going to be innovative, exciting and fresh.

Janie Ash Chief Executive is equally passionate about the company that she co-founded with Mr Miller: "Our Journey so far is a testament to our determination to make this project work. We are commited to building a profitable and happy company. We are very focussed and clear in our vision and key to it all is the MV Communicator, our most valuable asset. Our journey has been nothing short of miraculous and the future is extremely bright. What we have here is a new paradigm for business in the 21st century".

The Super Station

Suite 449
305 Madison Avenue
New York NY 10165


P.S. The MV Communicator finally arrived at Lowestoft harbour (east coast of the U.K.) on Friday night. [Your webmaster]



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Pictures of the MV Communicator in Lowestoft (1)

Pictures of the MV Communicator in Lowestoft (2)

Pictures of the MV Communicator in Lowestoft (3)









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