Eerste Vlaamse Zeezenderdag



On Saturday February 26th 2000, more than 200 offshore radio enthousiasts attended the First Flemish Offshore Radio Day (Eerste Vlaamse Zeezenderdag) in "Het Feestpaleis" in Beervelde near Gent (Belgium). 

Some visitors came from as far away as the eastern part of Germany. 







Several videos with unique footage were shown, amongst them as a first the uncensored version of the video taken by the Dutch police during the raid on the MV Ross Revenge in August 1989.






Rob Olthof (SMC), Dick Verheul and David van der Ven offered lots of CDs, videos, t-shirts, posters and books.







RadioVisie and the cable station Radio Magdalena had invited many offshore radio personalities from Belgium and the Netherlands. 

Serge van Gisteren (Radio Magdalena) had prepared lots of jingles, tunes and audioclips which were played before his professional interviews on stage. 

He welcomed the following guests:




Adriaan Van Landschoot (Atlantis)

Ad Roberts (Caroline, Monique, Radio 558)

Dick Verheul (Mi Amigo/Monique)

Georges De Caluwé jr. (Radio Antwerpen)

Herbert Visser (Monique)

Hugo de Groot "Arie Van Loon" (Caroline)

Jan Molenaar (Monique)

Jan Veltkamp (Monique)

Kees Borrel (chef on the MV Mi Amigo)

Marc Jacobs (Mi Amigo, Caroline)

Otto (Mi Amigo)

Pete McKenzie (Radio 558/819)

Stan Haag (Veronica, Mi Amigo)

Theo van de Velde (Atlantis)

Ton Schipper (Mi Amigo)


As a special surprise the nearly 80-years-old Stan Haag appeared on stage. He was warmly welcomed by the crowd, and his Jukebox tune was played when he entered the hall. Filip Bomberna (RadioVisie) and Serge van Gisteren gave him a radio set as a that looked like a jukebox as a gift... 

Everyone was absolutely satisfied when leaving after a pleasurable day with lots of memories.





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